As CEO of Northstar Thinktank, I lead our team's charge to provide relevant insight and training to entrepreneurs and small enterprises.

I'm a serial entrepreneur who loves the process of business building. Calculated risks have produced some great highs, and painful lows in my entrepreneurial journey. But the lessons on either end of the spectrum have been priceless.

I was born and raised Southern California. I grew up as a sun-bleached surf-rat who spent so much time in the beach that my bed was always full of sand and my ears full of salt.

I started my first business shaping and glassing surfboards and selling them out of my garage. It was such a mess, that my mom shut me down after the 4th sale.

Since that time I've enjoyed the process of taking several concepts from "the back of the napkin" to full-fledged operation. Over the last 15 years, I've raised millions of from private investors and VC's and created several multi-million dollar companies. You can find the "professional bio" on my corporate site: Northstar Ventures

In 2003, I launched Northstar Ventures and The Northstar Thinktank for the purpose of continuing my own quest for learning and to provide relevant content and training for other entrepreneurs and small enterprises. We've recruited some of the world’s leading business experts to the cause of developing world class curriculum, training, and mentoring programs.


My Sports...Surfed since I was 10, now living in Austin, TX so only surfing a few times a year, so it's heavy doses of wake boarding. Running, Biking, Swimming; occasional Triathlon, and Tennis.

My Music...Weekly iTunes purchases are getting out of hand. I love all kinds, but heavily lean toward alternative: Death Cab, The Shins, Thrice, Bloc Party, Arctic Monkeys, Ben Kweller, Jack Johnson, Bob Marley, Damien Rice, Decemberists, Idlewild...I'll stop there. But I also love Mozart, Bach, and Vivaldi. I'll stop.

My's constant; Spiritual, Religious, Business, Sales, Marketing, Motivational, BLOGS, BLOGS, BLOGS, History, Biographies, and the very occassional fictional thriller.

My Co-Workers...I thoroughly enjoy the people I work with every day.