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June 25, 2008

Take Your Dog To Work Day: Um, No.

June 20th was the 10 year anniversary of "Take Your Dog to Work Day"...the interesting thing is, our office jumped the gun on this one. About 2 weeks earlier, we had our own "Bring Your Pet to Work Day".

I learned two important lessons: "Don't Bring Your Pets to Work!" (at least not 10 at once) and, "It's ok to say, 'No'".

First lesson: This was a simple one. Dogs are cute, but they really have no manners or etiquette. And guess what, they'll poop anywhere they want to, even in the lobby of a nice office. So, three poops, four pee-puddles, two allergic reactions, and one can of Febreeze air freshener later; I'd learned my lesson. Our company won't invite a gang of pets to the office again.


Second lesson: I'll admit it, I said yes to this idea because I wanted to be a nice guy. But my gut told me--"pass on this one". I should have followed my gut and just said "No". Our great little culture would have been just fine.

I think "philly girl" summed it up best on a recent blog post when she quipped, "...If it's ok to bring dogs, why stop there? Why not bring other pets? How about lizard day, or rabbit day, or potbellied pig day, or pony day?...and here's another flaw, (outside of the chance of dogs fighting or 'getting romantic' with each other) is that a fair number of people a.) don't like your pet, b.) are afraid of your pet, or c.) are allergic to your pet..."

I love pets, but not when they poop in my lobby--and in the future I'll remember that sometimes it's ok to just say, "Um, no".

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Having read your "Take Your Dog to Work" blog, I have one question: Ever heard of Cesar Milan? Sounds like your office should pass around a copy of 'Cesar's Way.'

Re: your you should have someone proof your work for you: "Be sure to let me now what you think"???

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